Review – “The Obama Deception”

16 March 2009 at 10:18 (Politics, Review)

Watch “The Obama Deception” here

Alex Jones has truely out done himself with the release of “The Obama Deception.” It seems with every release his movies keep getting better. If you haven’t heard of Alex Jones you may have heard of some of his exposé documentaries such as “Terrorstorm” and “Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement” the former which chronicalises how governments use terror as a vehicle for controlling the populace in the former and in the latter Jones lays out the history of the New World Order and discusses the Elites plans to set up a one world government. He is also the host of a radio talk show promoting libertarian and constitutionalist causes which airs over shortwave and over the net in addition to owning both and

This doumentary film which runs for about two hours and can be watched at and Google Video is perhaps the most well researched film on President Barack Hussein Obama and covers only material that has been proven. It is not an appeal to the left or right wing of United States body politic. Instead it is a very candid film that looks at his words, actions, supporters, and funders. It raises above many of the accusations many right wing hosts have been parroting such as being ineligible for the position because he was not really born in Hawaii and looking at more important issues such as his voting record as a congressman and his actions as president.

However, this fil isn’t just about Obama. It’s about the men behind him. Those who put him on the political stage, and I am not talking about “We, the People.” This film exposes how Barack Obama has it every occassion catered to Wall Street interests including not just giving them legal protection by promoting favorable laws protecting them, but also appointing some of the most crookëd lobbiests working for Wall Street interests to high positions within the executive office. Jones also documents the connections his staff members have with organisations such as the secretive Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foriegn Relations, and the Trilateral Commission and who these organisations have infiltrated our country and plan on setting up a North American Union so that corporate interests could bypass national laws and so that laws can be nullified through a tribunal court that essentially would remove our national sovereignty.

Jones goes on the document the plan to increase taxes and control our standard of living through the levying “green taxes” which would kill any chance of an economic recovery and only drive the entire world further into a depression as demand for manufacturing in third world nations would be severely reduced. He goes on to document the fact that the new “green taxes” will only serve to further the bankers because the funds will go at first to the IMF and then to a proposed Bank of the World. Meanwhile these “green taxes” would make almost every aspect of life expensive and unafforable.

The film also explains how Obama’s policies both foriegn and domestic not only continue the Bush adiministration’s policies but also expand their scope. All the while the mainstream media pays no attention to the facts. However, the Obama admisitration and the people behind it have been put under the spotlight by this freelance reporter who has been a key figure in the independent media for a decade. This is a carfully researched film and I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone wanting to know the truth about Barack Obama.

Watch “The Obama Deception” here

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