More Nonsense From Target

6 May 2010 at 05:56 (Uncategorized)

Okay, so I once again applied for a job at Target which means I had to put up with their dehumanizing little survey that they require you to take before you are even applicable for consideration and I managed to get called in for an interview. I have to say it was a big mistake on my part for even signing that application as I could tell they really don’t care about their applicants at all. I must have waited two hours for an interview even though there were only two people ahead of me. Keep in mind, these weren’t long interviews by any standards and there were plenty of other managers around. Why it took two hours to get around to me, I have no idea.

Now, when I finally got into the office I was greeted and the essentially asked a bunch of vague questions regarding work ethic, teamwork, and asked what I would do during various hypothetical scenarios in addition to the nature of the previous jobs and work history. This was fair and acceptable. I’ll give them that, this is what I expect from and interview. However, when the tables were turned and it was my turn to ask the questions they pretty much refused me even the most simple, but most important of answers:

  • They would not let me know what position they were considering me for hire
  • They would not tell me how me how much I would wage I would be earning
  • They would not tell me how many hours on average I most likely would work — only that I was part time

The manager got extremely rude with me after I asked these questions and told me that is was against company policy for him to release any information about the nature of my work until after I was hired. This is beyond absurd, especially since this is crucial information that potential employees need to know so they can make the decision the job is worth accepting. For me, this is especially true since Target is across town and I don’t want to waste my money on gas and vehicle maintenance on a job that is actually going to put me in the red. It is no use to accept a job that is going to pay out minimum wage, work me less than 20 hours a week, and have it be some crap job that just anybody can do at that. That would simply be a waste of my time and money, and a waste of there’s as well.

Unfortunately, they did not see it that was and I left them with a few words: "I’m never going to shop at another Target again." That’s right. I don’t need their cheap, "made in China" junk anyways. Target and Walmart are the entire reason I almost exclusively get everything I want off of Amazon or through a local dealer. I almost never shop at big box stores. The culture is pompous, arrogant, and genuinely disgusting. And as I have shown, they don’t mind being rude from the start.

I’m sorry, but I’m a bit old fashioned and I refuse to go to work for someone who can’t (or just plain refuses to) give me the simple details on the nature of the job I am applying. In fact, I absolutely refuse to deal tender with business that treats their customers, prospects, and employees like dirt. The way big-box retail stores conduct their business is sickening and I will no longer stand for it and neither should you.

This recent happening has taught me one thing in addition to the fact that applying at Target is a waste of time: Target is no better than Walmart, Best Buy, or any of the other major retail outlets. The only difference between them is the brand.


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